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International Trade Facilities:
Commercial Letter of Credit and Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC). We offer international trade facilities for importers and exporters for importers and exporters worldwide. The Letter of credit or DLC are normally for short term pre-shipment credit or packing credit limits.
About Letter Of Credit:
The price range of such DLC or LC ranges from USD 100,000 up to USD 5 million. Normally the period for DLC or LC ranges from 60 days up to 180 days. Letter of credit or DLC (Documentary Letter of Credit) at Sight is different than Usance Letter Of Credit.
What is the difference between Sight Letter of Credit and Time Letter or Credit or Usance Letter of credit?
Many Importer / Exporter parties are confused between Sight LC and time letter of credit. Although both require certain documents, and both are common practice within the import & Export trade arena, there is clear difference between the two.
A sight Letter of Credit becomes due as soon as the beneficiary presents the proof of delivery or proof of shipment, and other ancillary documents. Whereas, a Time Letter of Credit or USANCE letter of needs certain days to pass after submitting a letter of credit, proof of delivery or shipment, and other required documents, before the payment becomes due. Time period or Usance period is negotiated between buyer (Importer) and seller (exporter) which can be anywhere from 15 days to 360 days credit period.
About Bank Guarantees:
The most preferred way is BG or SBLC delivered between two banks using SWIFT MT799 PRE ADVICE and then issuing the SWIFT MT760. The Euroclear is also fast and well established which was founded by JP Morgan. The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation is another method to deliver the bank instruments. Another player with an established network is Bloomberg which was founded in 1981 and is one of the most established financial transaction networks in the world.
About SBLC:
A Standby LC (SBLC/SLOC) and a bank guarantee (BG) may sound similar but are different in varying degrees. To first understand SBLC or BG Monetization, you first need to know about the Stand-By Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee.
An SBLC or SLOC is a type of LC that guarantees the (seller) exporter to be paid a specific amount if the importer or beneficiary (buyer) fails to meet the obligations in the contractual obligation. It acts as a safety net for the exporter and ensures that they paid despite the unforeseen events from the importer party.
About Financial Solution:
Any business, startup, or company needs funds and capital for conducting business. The best way to achieve that is through the sales and marketing of their products and services. However, in the initial stages, they may require immediate funding and may take the help of various financial solutions. These financial solutions can vary depending on the financial stages of a companys growth. One may even require more than one financial solution at a time. Keeping that in mind, here are the various types of business financial solutions.
Many types of fund capacity available today in the financial world are.
RWA Letter
Bank Comfort Letter
Blocked Funds Letter
MT799 Pre-Advice/POF
SBLC MT760 Block/Guarantee of Funds
Verification of Deposit
Account Statement/Tear Sheet
Bank to Bank Verification
Performance Bond
Venture Capital
Asset Finance
Long-Term Debentures
Letters of Credit/DLC
Bank Guarantee
Share Capital
Standby Letter of Credit
Proof of Funds
About Project Funding:
We have direct access to HNI, private bankers, Venture capitalists, non-traditional, global funding sources with the capability of providing project funding or business funding.
The key sectors we prefer to focus on include the following...
Green Energy Projects
Solar Energy
Real State & Housing Projects
Hotels & Resort Development
Import-Export Global Trading
Telecommunication Industry
Software Development
Oil & Gas Energy
Metal and mining
Infrastructure Development
Shipping and Logistics
Refinery and Mills
Food and beverages
About Venture Capital:
Our expert team work close with clients for structuring and presentation of business model to VCs. The team works closely with the founders and managers of promising ventures to create successful, high-value businesses. We specialize in earlystage start-up and emerging growth companies looking at hyper growth potential.
Our broad range of services includes...
Investing in online technology development.
Appraisals of Business Models.
Valuation of Business.
Business planning and strategy.
Identification and negotiation with VCs, Strategic Investors, etc.
We look for visionaries with a minimum of interim CEO level and high growth potential enterprises.
Address :
111 North Bridge Road #21-01, Peninsula Plaza,Singapore 179098